I do not own a lot of cameras like most photographers, but I have three. The most important one is the camera I work with in the studio. Strangely enough that camera, the Nikon 810, is just a work horse for me, I have no special affinity with it except for the fact that it delivers great images.

If I treat myself to an afternoon of stressless street photography, I like to pick up the Canon XC10, which is basically a product nobody likes. It was promoted as a professional 4K camera, but it is more of a fancy camcorder. It has a setting for photography too, delivering 12 megapixel pictures. Despite the many negative reviews the camera received, I absolutely adore it. I use it for both video and photography.

The picture above was taken with the photo function of the XC10. A couple standing at the canal. They look like they have been together for a long, long time. Despite their different features they somehow started to look alike. A process that has taken them years, I guess.

BTW, this was the last time ever I will discuss cameras or photographic techniques, because – as most of us know – photography is never about technique, it always about light and composition.

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