The Age of Narcissus

The Age of Narcissus

Everywhere I look I see photographers and models. They do not think of themselves that way, they are ‘just’ documenting their lives. Some of the greatest photographers however were also just documenting their lives. And some of the greatest models ever did not need to put up a show.
I like that world of imagery and self-reflection.
What I do not like is that some of us cannot read an E-mail longer than fifteen words before they lose their concentration, because they are so used to a society saturated with images. To be able to read you need to think and thinking is creating images in your own head without the help of a pain-in-the-ass smart phone sending out so many obnoxious notifications that you slowly become a numbed slave of a network without a name and without responsibilities.


Nikon D3 in the rain

This camera, the Nikon D3 has been a faithful companion for years until I laid it to rest in its case some months ago and started using the more elegant D810. Somehow I would never take the D810 out in the rain for hours on end as I did with the D3. But then again, I am not too fond of rain.

Zenith E

Train Tunnel

My first camera was a Zenith E – a Russian SLR – the cheapest one around. Yet, I had to work in a factory all through the summer vacation to be able to afford it and it took me a few months to master it. This was one of my first successes with that camera. The picture was taken in the Alps in 1975. We were on winter holidays and my father was a train aficionado. Of course I was longing for his approval.

The camera slowly fell apart and it got lost along the way. Recently on the Izmailovsky Market in Moscow I found the exact same camera and I bought it for close to nothing.

Husband waiting for his wife

Husband waiting for his wife to leave the shopping mall

I rarely go out with a camera to photograph Amsterdam although I live in the midst of all the fun when it comes to photographing people. But if I do I tend to come back with at least two or three decent shots out of 375. Yes, I am a studio photographer and I prefer to stay that way.

Here I was looking at a man waiting for his wife to exit the shopping mall.
© Hans van der Kamp