The Twilight Zone

The Fair

My ex was over for a visit and we spent so much time avoiding awkward subjects that she almost missed the last train home. So we rushed out, still in the midst of a conversation and I vaguely noticed the men constructing the yearly fair in front of my apartment building. We were at the station just in time for the last train and I waved her goodbye with a premonition that I would never see her again.

So on my way home it seemed like a good occasion to sink a few drinks at a local night club. I remember walking home, not really aware of the people around me, still thinking about that ex and the subjects we had discussed until I reached the entrance of my apartment building where the construction above was erected.

The Café Correct. It looked like something that had plunged straight out of the sky or was put there by aliens. Maybe something out of the Twilight Zone. I just had to take a picture. Next morning I walked out and I was actually surprised it was still standing there and that it was not a product of my imagination.

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